For peace of mind whilst away from your premises. By installing a security alarm system, you are reducing the chances of becoming a victim to crime. Our alarm systems are not only reliable when called up, but act as a great deterant.


Our team design team will never sell you a standard off the shelf intruder alarm system. Your property and security requirements are unique to you or your business and that is why UT24 will design the best suited system that meets your requirements.


Our team has a wealth of experienced engineers who undertake the installation of security alarm cabling under the guidance of the project manager. We ensure that all health and safety requirements are met and adhered to and our company policies are all completed.

On completion of the security system we are able to offer additional packages to monitor your system, which include keyholder response or Police response – please ask for further information.

Brands supplied

  • Scantronic
  • Honeywell

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Embarking on a project? let us help you design, install and maintain a system whatever your needs.